Bulldog/labrador cross - a gift


As with the previous post, I've been excitedly waiting to post this commission for a while, but as it was a gift I had to sit on my hands! This gorgeous guy is called Sam and he was such a treat to work on.

Soon to be available to buy in the Etsy shop - visit here

Bulldog pup


I've been waiting a while to post this one. Unfortunately with my computer still not fixed,
I don't have the early stages to hand, but here is how the dog morphed into a little pup.

Now available as prints which you can buy here.

Time for something a little different


Here is a snapshot in time - we do love blankets, biscuits and short walks with family.

Every time we try to take my brother to this one particular place it always rains! Thankful for this lovely cafe that serves delicious treats.



In truth, this is already completed - as shown here - but I had completed a photo work-up so thought I'd show it anyway!

I initially thought this one would be really hard to do, and unlike the squirrel, my first really did get scrapped as you can see. In the end though I found a rhythm and I surprised myself by really enjoying it!


To see the finished 'Zebra' click here



Feisty as a wild cat, but still a cub really, technically the baby of the family, but definitely making his presence known nonetheless.  

Making progress on our little Jaguar...


To see the finished 'Jaguar' click here



Well this is taking longer than usual for our inquisitive squirrel. I don't have much to show yet, due to almost starting over as I was unhappy with how its was looking, as you can see from the right-hand side.

I started with the top right but didn't feel it looked right so, all the pieces scattered around the bottom right are the ones I removed whilst trying not to delete it all and start again!

Here's what I have for now...


To see the finished 'Squirrel' click here



Just taking a little break from the kids' animals to give Bramble a little makeover...


To see the finished 'Bramble' click here



Next up is our little bear. It took a little while to decide which kind of bear to go with, grizzly, polar, koala?!? In the end a brown bear won out.

This guy looks a little more fierce than the one we have at home though.


To see the finished 'Bear' click here



Our kids have often had nicknames based on animals. One idea I'm working on at the moment is illustrations of the animals that we name our children after! So I've started with the eldest, who we call Impala.

They're all illustrated following a similar style to the Bramble series displayed in the work section found here


To see the finished 'Impala' click here